2020 YOUTH

2020 Online Qualifier

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Registration Opens 14/1/2020 @10am 


YOUTH 18’u (born 2002/2003)
YOUTH 16’u (born 2004/2005)

*Age is determined by athletes age on Dec 31st 2020
*Athletes are permitted to register in both individual and  team.


$35.00 Individual

1 test release every 2 weeks for 6 weeks. Tests may have 2 parts. Over the 6 weeks there will be up to 6 scoring opportunities total

Release 1
Release: 20th FEB – 11am
Submit: 4th MARCH – 10am

Release 2
Release: 5th MARCH – 11am
Submit: 30th JULY – 10am

Release 3
Release: 19th MARCH – 11am
Submit: 30th JULY – 10am

Online registration closes:
March 4th @ 10:00AM

AFFF Youth Tests are based on the following 4 tests of the International Functional Fitness Federation

Aerobic capacity/endurance
Body weight skill
Body weight endurance
Mixed modal).

Aerobic capacity/endurance
Bodyweight skill
Body weight endurance
Mixed Modal

All athletes must complete workouts RX and submit videos via Competition Corner.
We recommend using the WeTime app to video your workout.

Score Verification: 
Please Click HERE for more information

The following youth participants will qualify for the National Championships and compete for the opportunity to represent Australia on the AFFF National team in 2021

YOUTH 18’u – Top 2 male & female
YOUTH 16’u – Top 2 male & female


October 1st – 10th 2020


TOP 2 YOUTH IN EACH AGE DIVISION, MALE AND FEMALE from the 2020 National Final will also qualify directly into the 2021 iF3 World Championships held in QLD, Australia!!
This is a really huge and exciting opportunity for our Australian youths!

2020 iF3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS – Cancelled

Added to the 2020 iF3 Competition schedule

The Junior World Cup will be open to any athlete in the age groups 13-14, 15-16 and 17-18 as of December 31, 2020
It features an initial online qualifier stage in September and a live but virtual final in November.

The online qualifier will feature 4 tests to be completed in just over 4 weeks
This initial online qualifier phase is not live, and athletes can complete the tests at their leisure.

Tests will be released September 2nd for us in Australia
Score submission due October 1st

The top 5 athletes from the qualifier phase in each age and gender division will then be invited to participate in a live final in November which will also include 4 tests.

November 2020 – Virtual via Zoom

All 4 tests in the live final will be completed in roughly an hour to an hour and a half block of time.

Athletes who are not members of one of the iF3’s National Federations are ineligible to participate in the live final should they qualify. Participants can become a member HERE

For full details please click HERE

Can be found HERE

*Registration is Open to Australian residents only.

Head to If3 Website for more information on the iF3

Sports Integrity Australia
Australian Functional Fitness Federation Anti-Doping Policy 

The AFFF is actively working with SIA to keep a clean and safe sport for all. 
All athletes are bound by the rules within the Australian Functional Fitness Federation Anti-Doping Policy