Super Online Qualifier

In 2020, The Australian Functional Fitness Federation, MastersHQ and The Aussie Throwdown announced their first combined Super Online Qualifier.

Over the past few years, our industry has experienced a massive influx in online competitions and events.  This is great for our sport as it highlights it’s rapid growth, however, this also means athletes are pushing themselves to their limits, sometimes week after week, interrupting the balance between performance and training due to tapering and recovery,  increasing risk of injury by continually pushing their bodies to the ultimate level.

Our aim is to create one online qualifier that consists of 1 workout release (which will include 2 separate tests) every 2 weeks for 6 weeks. That is a total of 3 releases with 6 tests and 6 scoring opportunities.

This Super Online Qualifier begins Feb 20 and finishes April 1st. Registration links can be found below by clicking on the events. 

So what does the 'Super Online Qualifier' mean for you?

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