• In order to become a Technical Official (Judge) for the International Functional Fitness Federation and be eligible to officiate at any iF3 sanctioned event, you must complete the minimum educational requirements listed below.

    Minimum Requirement to Officiate at iF3 Events

    Completion of the Online Course IF:100 located here.

    Minimum Requirement to Receive Compensation for Officiating at iF3 Events

    Completion of the In-Person Basic iF3 TO Course.

    Note: Not all iF3 events provide compensation to TO’s.

    Register for an In-Person Course

    May 9th, 2019 Bridgetown, Barbados

    iF3 Educational Conference and Technical Officials Course

    6am to 5:30pm

    Cost: $140

    Registration Link

    Rough Course Schedule

    6 am A group workout

    8 am to 12pm iF3 Educational Conference

    12pm to 1 pm Lunch will be provided

    1pm to 5:30pm Attendance and Participation at the iF3 Basic Technical Officials Course

    You will also receive Discounts from our partners and donors and a Group rate at Sunbay Hotel (Use Promo code BIG2019)

    The Educational Conference will cover the following topics:

    • The Mission of the iF3
    • Why Sports governance is important
    • What the iF3 does and how the sport looks under iF3 rules
    • Programming for competition to fit the iF3 model
    • How to start a National Federation in Your Country
    • Personal Experiences of starting a National Federation within the Caribbean

    Officiate at iF3 Worlds

    You may apply to be a Technical Official at iF3 Worlds here.

    Worlds is being held Aug 30-Sep 1 in Malmo, Sweden.

    The application will ask you to submit the following information:

    Basic Contact Info

    Experience Judging or Officiating at Other Competitions

    Whether in the Competitions you previously worked there was a Final, and if so were you chosen to judge or officiate in the Final

    A Reference Name and Contact Number of Someone who can speak on behalf of your officiating abilities

    Note: If we are unable to contact your reference or if we need additional information you may be asked to submit a video showcasing your performance judging/officiating in other events.